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Loess Hills Vineyard

In 1988 Larry Rohatsch and his family began pursing their passion for wine. That passion grew to what is now known as the Loess Hills Vineyard & Winery. Their vineyard is Located just north of downtown Crescent in the heart of the Loess Hills, where grapevines enjoy some of the most fertile soil in the world. This soil, and the family's continued passion to make many high quality wines that has made the Loess Hills Vineyard & Winery the attraction it is today. The Winery is part of the Western Iowa Wine Trail, and is home to several events throughout the year. Visit their website, or drop by the winery for a tour.

Crescent Ski Hills

One of the most popular attractions just 4 miles north of Crescent is Mount Crescent Ski Hills. Mount Crescent has several slopes to accommodates skiers and snowboarders of all skill levels. The Ski Hills have a capacity of over 3,600 skiers per hour, and 1,000s of sets of ski and snowboard equipment for rental in the lodge. The lodge is also home to their Mountain Cafe and Bar. Mount Crescent's season runs from early December well into March, and is lit at night. Lessons and group rates are available, so check out their website to learn more.

Crescent Pool

The Crescent Pool is located at Camp Pokamoke (23472 Pokamoke Lane), and will open in 2013. The hours will be 12pm (noon) – 6pm, Monday – Saturday, thoughout the swimming season. (Currently Closed for the Season).

For more information call (712) 545-3369.

Hitchcock Nature Center

Acquired by Pottawattamie County in 1991, Hitchcock Nature Center is home to some of Iowa's most unique plants and wildlife. Come to hike, camp, picnic, or just view the beautiful Loess Hills from the 80ft (check actual height) observation deck.
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The Old Lincoln Highway

Dubbed "The Main Street Across America," the Old Lincoln Highway passes directly through downtown Crescent. It was the Nation's first national memorial to President Abraham Lincoln. This historic highway began construction in 1913, and would eventually span from Times Square in New York, to Lincoln Park in San Francisco.

DeSoto Wildlife Refuge

The DeSoto National Wildlife Refuge occupies 8,300+ acres of land just minutes North of Crescent, in Missouri Valley, IA. Each year, DeSoto Refuge is home to a truly awe inspiring sign of the changing seasons. Over a half million ducks, geese, and other birds flock to DeSoto Refuge on their yearly migrations. DeSoto Refuge is home to another must-see attraction, the Bertrand Steamboat. This steamboat sank in the Missouri River in 1865, and was excavated a century later, in 1968. Extremely well preserved by the mud, over 200,000 pieces of the Bertrand were retrieved, making it one of the most significant collections of Civil War artifacts in the country.
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Crescent Elementary Nature Trail

In 1995 the students and staff developed a nature center along Pigeon Creek, which borders the school grounds. The students and staff later discovered that the school sits on land that was owned by Henry A. Terry, who came to the area in 1846 as a schoolmaster and then opened a nursery experimenting with plums and other fruits and flowers.  His research earned him state recognition and the title  "the wizard of the plums."  He also developed many varieties of peonies.  Today flowers and trees are nurtured and grown by students, staff, and community members where this schoolmaster once experimented.
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